Strangeway and Strangeways Families in the York Area

Having suggested that most of the Strangeway families in Leeds originated in York it is tempting to assume that there would be nothing new by looking at all the York families. However on checking the records it was again clear that there was at least one family line that did not tie up with any of the families covered under Leeds.

Simply checking the 1851 York Census highlights the problem as new names and locations appear. more..

A major tree that covers a family line not connected with Leeds is given below. These families are - as you may guess from their addresses - well connected members of the “landed gentry” - in an age where land ownership was the key to wealth. This tree includes the Swainston-Strangways family of Alne Hall - and traces back through the medieval families to the earliest generations.

An attempt at building a family tree for the Swainston-Strangways from public sources is also available as a basic chart of descendants; the current version being online here .. StrangwayesJohn1665-1749.pdf

Update 18-Jul-2016 - News that a book entitled “The Yorkshire Strangwayes” has recently been privately published. It covers the history of that family from the 14th to the 20th centuries. The author being the grandson and sole descendant of Darcy Edward Swainston-Strangwayes of Alne (1869-1920). The book contains some very interesting stories and links from the Wars of the Roses and the Pilgrimage of Grace to the decline of the English squirearchy in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. Copies can be purchased from -

D.R. Strangwayes-Booth (
The Loke House
108 The Street
Norfolk NR21 0AU

+44(0)1328 878788


As with all these family trees there are likely to be errors and gaps - since few (no?) family trees are ever complete or provide the fully detailed story of something as complex as a family’s history . And it is impossible to wait until all the details are confirmed before publishing what fragments are known about a family tree - since family trees will always have gaps. All the information listed here has been obtained from publicly available sources. Sources put online by both official outlets and through the efforts of amateur researchers. Also note that many of the BMD entries only refer to the Quarter and the Registration District where the event was registered - since these are a main source of the public records.

Please get in touch with any corrections so that we can be as complete and accurate as possible.


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The above book - Wives and Daughters by Joanna Martin - provides much background information about the Fox-Strangways family, their lives and social connections.