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This family has a strong connection with Shapwick in Somerset from the time of the marriage of Thomas Strangways to Elizabeth Bull [Coat of Arms]

As with the York families they are well connected members of the “landed gentry” - and link back to the family that also has descendants that formed the Fox-Strangways family; Earls of Ilchester.

“Henry Bull Templer Strangways (1832-1920) of Shapwick went to South Australia in 1857 (probably arriving in Victoria on the vessel Simla in May 1857). In addition to working as a solicitor, he was elected to the South Australian Lower House as the member for Encounter Bay in 1858. Throughout the 1860's he held a number of important ministerial positions including Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration under the Premierships of Waterhouse, Dutton, and Ayers. In October 1868 with the defeat of Ayers' third ministry, Strangways formed a ministry of his own and became Premier of South Australia on 31-Nov-1868. A post he held until 30-May-1870. He later returned to England as a practicing barrister and J P for Somerset.”

This family line can trace its origins back through the medieval families to the earliest generations.

It also includes significant numbers of the Strangways family that moved to Canada. Some members of these Canadian families had a belief that they were directly descended from the Earls of Ilchester - even though, as yet, no one has succeeding in showing that to be the case. This tree will need major changes if some evidence of that emerges.

An outline family tree for this branch is now only available as a PDF or GED file (due to size - see below). The PDF includes all the descendants discovered but does not list all the data collected e.g. baptism dates. However these are available in the GEDCOM file. Neither file will be as up to date as the current Webtrees database

The PDF outline family tree starting with Thomas Strangways (1715-1766) is available here ... and the same information as a GEDCOM file for loading into your family tree app is available here ...


As with all these family trees there are likely to be errors and gaps - since few (no?) family trees are ever complete or provide the fully detailed story of something as complex as a family’s history . And it is impossible to wait until all the details are confirmed before publishing what fragments are known about a family tree - since family trees will always have gaps. All the information listed here has been obtained from publicly available sources. Sources put online by both official outlets and through the efforts of amateur researchers. Also note that many of the BMD entries only refer to the Quarter and the Registration District where the event was registered - since these are a main source of the public records.

Please get in touch with any corrections so that we can be as complete and accurate as possible.


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The above book - Wives and Daughters by Joanna Martin - provides much background information about the Fox-Strangways family, their lives and social connections.