Photo Updates

If you have any photos connected with the people and places of Brotherton - and would be happy to see them on the web - please get in touch.

Digital images are the easiest to handle because they can be sent by e-mail for little if any cost. But we can scan any prints, negatives or slides if that is easier - if in doubt simply e-mail me.

The photo pages will be updated whenever new material becomes available.

Currently the website images are reduced in size from the originals to a standard width of 900 pixels. This is makes for faster page loading when web browsing but is not recommended for making prints. For example a 15x10cm (6x4 inch) print requires at least 1800x1200 pixels. Digital images less than 900 pixels wide cannot be enlarged without loss of quality. However when scanning original prints or negatives it sometimes possible to create a digital image that is larger than the original by scanning at higher resolutions..


This family history data is based upon information from a variety of sources. These may not be official records, could contain errors or could be based purely upon assumptions. It is, therefore, provided on an as-is basis purely to assist in your own research.




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Strangeway Family