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Arrivals in the USA via Ellis Island

The families found so far are -

  • Sheeky - 7 residents of Ireland, 2 residents of the USA and 1 not shown
  • Sheekey - 2 residents of Ireland, 9 residents of England and 1 resident of the USA

Most of the Sheekeys from England are listed as coming from Ashton / Stalybridge. The 6 arrivals were -






15 Aug 1903


Mary Sheekey





Alice Sheekey





John Sheekey





James Sheekey



5 Aug 1904


Philip Sheekey

40y 8m

Widowed. Visiting his brother James at 287 North 6 Street, Brooklyn, NY

7 July 1905


Margaret Sheekey


Single. Travelling with brother-in-law William Arkwright (aged 29) visiting Frank Sheekey at 17 Congress Street, Pawtucket, RI

The other arrivals from England were -

  • John Sheekey, age 21 in 1907, from Broylston (Droylsden ?)
  • Sarah Sheekey, age 30 in 1899, from Howth (Haworth?)
  • Thomas Sheekey, age 24 in 1911, from Droylsden

British Isles Today

Using the address data for England / Scotland / Wales, there were 22 entries for Sheeky and 218 entries for Sheekey in 1998. Most of the Sheeky entries (9) are for the Bradford area.

The entries for the Republic of Ireland (in 1999) totalled some 23 addresses. These were broken down as; Sheeky - Louth 2, Cavan 1 and Dublin 1; Sheekey - Dublin 11, Louth 4, Wicklow 2 and Waterford 1.

Canada Today

The Sheeky / Sheekey entries at the Canada 411 web site are -





Sheekey, R W

200 Queen Street



Sheekey, Ray & Val

438 Deer Lake



Sheekey, T

32 Macgregor Ave



New Zealand Today

No entries were found for Sheeky / Sheekey at the New Zealand White Pages web site.

Random Notes

Braddock, PA, USA - "On October 31, 1900, the post office at Rankin Station was discontinued, and free delivery from the Braddock office was installed to serve that borough. Rankin Station had been a post office since August 20, 1886. Mr. Walter S. Colmery was the first postmaster, and was followed in succession by Mr. Owen W. Sheeky, on July 19, 1888, F. G. Bishoff on April 15, 1889, Owen W. Sheeky again on October 17, 1893, and finally by George W. Nash on September 27, 1897."

Indiana, USA "University of Notre Dame du Lac is in Northern Indiana near the boundary lines of Michigan and Illinois, USA. It is owned and directed by the Congregation of Holy Cross, whose mother-house in the United States is located at Notre Dame, the name by which the university is most commonly known". In the archives of early students we find -

  • Sheekey, Joseph J., IN, 1894-1999
  • Sheeky, Eugene A.,PA, 1896-1899
  • Sheekey, Charles F.,IN, 1899-1903

Victoria, Australia (Immigration records, Public Record Office of Victoria)

  • April 1855 - Wm Sheeky (aged 24) arrived on the vessel Rienzi
  • July 1873 - Patk F Sheeky (aged 35) arrived on the vessel British Army
  • August 1879 - Kate Sheeky (aged 30) arrived on the vessel City of London

William is thought to be the elder brother of Patrick Francis; parents John & Mary Sheeky (nee Heany). Kate is believed to have married Thomas Dugan in 1885 and could even be the sister of William & Patrick. All three are likely to have been born in Ireland but may have lived in England for a time.

Update 30-Jan-2009: Assisted British Immigrants 1839-1871

  • Jan 1854 - John (aged 23) and Eliza Sheeky (aged 25) arrived on the the vessel Wanata


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