Here you will find lots of information that I have accumulated about many different family trees.

The site is based upon  the English and Irish parish and civil entries for surnames originally written (or later transcribed) as - Sheeky, Sheekey, Sheehy, Sheekly, Sheekie, Sheety, Sheeley, Shekey, Sheckey, Sheakey, Sheehys, Cheakey, Cheekey, Cheeky, Shiekey, Streekey, etc - from the days when writing was personal and spelling was flexible. It has also benefited greatly from the shared efforts of many other family researchers and interested family members.

The main locations covered are in England - Bradford, Birkenhead, Barrow in Furness, Chester, Stalybridge, Ashton under Lyne, London - and Boyle, Roscommon in Ireland. The site does not contain a full, worldwide, one-name study but it does get close and provides a large percentage of the known references to this group of surnames.

I hope you find something here that is a small help when researching your family history. Certainly tracing my mother’s family history has been an experience that has put today’s minor problems into some sort of perspective. All of data here is freely available - and if you check out our commercial links it will help keep the web site going - good luck and fruitful searching.

Brian Townsley

Recent Updates

24-Jun-2019 We Are Moving! Over the next few weeks the Sheeky Family web pages will move from their present URL (web address) to being part of the Townsley.info website. Hopefully everything will still be available after the move with only the web address changing to www.townsley.info/sheeky

This move will reduce the cost of hosting the information and reflects the fact that all the family records share the same database at Webtrees Townsley Extended

4-Jun-2017 Various updates to the Sheeky family history records have been made and are all available at the Townsley Extended Pages using Webtrees. Please note that the basic HTML version has not been updated for some time and will be closed down shortly.
18-May-2016 Updates to
East Lancashire family page
16-May-2016 New release of the family history database on both the Webtrees software at the
Townsley Extended home page and as basic html at the Townsley Family History Database
10-Nov-2015 More info added to
Harry Sheeky page
9-Oct-2015 A pilot version of the
Webtrees system is now available for trials at our sister web site - Townsley.info.
Webtrees is claimed to be the web's leading on-line collaborative genealogy application. It is open source software based upon PHP, MySQL and standard GEDCOM files. All the records used to create this Sheeky Family web site are contained within the single family history database, named Townsley Extended, and can be freely accessed
here ...
26-Sep-2015 Updated family history database released at
31-Jul-2015 Updated family history database released at
29-Jul-2015 More info added to
Harry Sheeky page
24-Jun-2015 Updated family history database released at
10-Mar-2015 Updated family history database released at
18-Oct-2014 Updated family history database released at
26-Sep-2014 New page for
County Durham

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